Tailor made solutions on the corporate cloud

Corporate companies always looking to improve their day-to-day business operations in a smarter way. From sales, order processing, inventory, purchases, human resources, payroll, expense control & etc. Blaze has unique and tailor made solutions for corporate companies in cloud, tablet & web platforms.

Interacting with people

Government sectors are in need of using emerging IT infrastructure that will reduce hassles of citizen vs government interaction. Governments always need an easy to understand & simple GUI for their IT applications. The blaze has accomplished key projects for government agencies.

Budget & Quality are two eyes.

Growing Small & Medium businesses won't overspend in technology. But they won't compromise in quality of the product for the money. Blaze worked with 100s of SMEs across the world. Our pricing won't surprise you and our quality will make you WOW.

Crawlers, Social Networks, Robotic Scripts?

Do you want to crawl 100s of websites and take images from them & publish them in your social network? Building a custom search engine? Need to write a bot script that will reduce your repeated works? Not everyone can do such complex tools. And most importantly we know how to handle databases with millions of records and how to utilize cloud/cdn networks for your scalable web applications.


We customize the wide range of open-source packages and blend them for your need. The blaze has released few successful open-source projects as well. If you are having an interesting open-source project, Drop us an email we'd love to hear about it and we are willing to sponsor resources for you.

  Celebrating 12th Successful Year in IT Development

  Participated in BlockChain Hackathon

   There are 1000s of college freshers coming out every year!

A Message from Blaze CEO

Customers are the wheels & Blaze employees are the axis of the company. None of the Blazers (Blaze employees) never thinks customers are our loads. They are our wheels & fuel to keep ourself running. Without satisfied customers, we won't be here.

As I said our employees are the axis, We always take care of our employees to make sure they are happy with the management. Blaze's office culture shows that C-Level authorities are not to be meant as monsters. Let's work together to keep our standards better. As a Blazer, you can always find yourself improving with new skills. We listen to you all the time.

As a customer, You can find Blaze as one of the friendly management that listens to your requirements and suggests you cost-effective solutions for your IT problems. Money is always a secondary thing for us. We thrive to make yourself more profitable in your business, Without your profit there is no meaning for our services to you.

- P. Karthi Keyan, CEO & Co-Founder.